DISCONNECTORS for high- and medium-voltage networks

ALPHA Elektrotechnik has specialised in becoming an all-rounder for disconnectors for high- and medium-voltage networks from 3 to 550 kV. The manufacturing programme encompasses products that are designed for both external and internal applications.

As disconnectors need to satisfy the particular requirements of a customer in a targeted way, they are an important component in energy distribution. Given the wide range of requirements and climatic conditions, each of the specification is unique and differentiates the disconnector from any other.

However, ALPHA disconnectors do have a common feature: they embody the high quality and reliability that enable them to deliver long-term performance under extreme conditions such as icy and high temperatures, significant sun exposure, sand, wind, earthquakes and so forth – an additional benefit that has absolutely no bearing on the cost-benefit calculation. Insulators, contacts, motors, pantographs: all the essential components perform as a single unit. More than 80 years of experience, more than 800 deliveries of disconnectors annually and more than 80,000 disconnectors in the network are all the proof you need.

ALPHA also offers post-production, maintenance, replacement and modification services for existing disconnectors. On-site services and installation complete the portfolio. The continous enhancement of our products is a daily challenge where we contribute our expierence of decades.

DISCONNECTORS: without risk over time - all highly charged


TRACTION – connector systems

In 1999, ALPHA Elektrotechnik AG started to develop and produce medium-voltage assemblies for railways (traction) from 3 kV to 25 kV. Thanks to its exceptional level of quality and flexibility, ALPHA has been explicitly recognised in international references from the railway sector in recent years.

The heart of the transmission process is the partially or fully insulated jumper – a cable equipped with “quick-coupling” connectors. Jumpers ensure the distribution of energy between rail cars and engines, particularly on commuter trains and high-speed trains. ALPHA is very skilled at overcoming one of the main difficulties involved in manufacturing this technology – reconciling flexibility and rigidity. This is essential for enabling the cables to withstand millions of consecutive strains, compounded by the problems associated with significant levels of resonance and extreme climatic conditions. A guaranteed service life proven by endurance tests, customer-specific engineering and a comprehensive range of services including training complete our portfolio.

We make up both ends of the cable according to the customer’s requirements. In line with the concept of providing tailored solutions, we offer a range of cable cross sections and lengths – regardless of whether flexible or rigid sealing ends are used – wall bushings and various plug-in systems. All products meet the relevant railway standards and the applicable fire protection standard DIN EN 45545-2.

Connector systems: Durable and reliable in service – customised to your requirements

We aim to be the first point of contact for reliable, high quality and longstanding high voltage equipment.