Quality & environment

PFIFFNER Instrument Transformers Ltd is the only instrument transformer manufacturer in Switzerland today.

The PFIFFNER product range includes all current and voltage transformers, from low voltage up to the 550 kV high voltage level, from a few amps up to 50000 amps in the giant power stations. We use the most up-to- date cast resins, oil-paper and SF6-gas as die- lectric medium. Besides inductive instrument transformers we also offer capacitive voltage transformers. PFIFFNER has become a full-service provider of instrument transformers.

With our modern machinery and our wide range of measurement technologies we are able meet even the highest requirements as far as quality assurance is concerned. The training of our own specialists has a long-standing tradition. Along with young professionals, experts with many years of experience and a lot of know-how form the backbone of our company. At the moment, PFIFFNER is training around 20 apprentices.

Continuous improvements to our organisation, well-controlled business process monitoring, our ‘self-test’ concept and internal process audits guarantee a permanently high level of quality.

Our products treat the environment with care thanks to their long service life and their low space requirements. They are also as maintenance-free as possible. In the fields of marketing, development and production we do our best to assure that the most environmentally friendly technologies and materials are used. We support suppliers and customers in the promotion of environmentally compatible products and their environmentally-friendly disposal. We optimise our workplaces and their environment with respect to ecology and support the sensible and economical use of resources.

As a result of the continuous monitoring of our management system, compliance with SN EN ISO 9001, SN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is assured. The company makes sure that these standards are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in all company departments.