Many years of experience, comprehensive expertise, international market presence and the desire to continuously develop our products; these aspects make us an efficient and solution-orientated partner.

«We have developed from simple origins. Emil Pfiffner founded the company more than 80 years ago. Full of ideas and innovative energy but with little commercial expertise, he was operating in a difficult economic and political environment. My father was his first apprentice, and after 25 years he became the managing director of the company, a role that he then conferred upon me 35 years later.

As the smallest of six Swiss instrument transformer companies, we were in a constant battle for survival. This shaped us and gave us the capacity to keep going in the face of subsequent international competition. With a flair for recognising opportunities and using them, we developed into an internationally active, medium-sized company.

Despite strong growth, a modern infrastructure and a group turnover of more than CHF 100 million, the original spirit of enterprise continues. We want to remain a simple and modest but above all, an innovative and efficient organisation. Thanks to our customers, suppliers and staff we are taking an optimistic view of the future.»

Fritz Hunziker
President PFIFFNER Holding Ltd

19271927Company founded by Emil Pfiffner
19531953Acquisition of the company by Fritz Hunziker Senior
19871987Fritz Hunziker Junior becomes managing director
20012001Acquisition of MGC Moser-Glaser Ltd, Kaiseraugst
20042004Set-up of PFIFFNER Transformatör Ltd, Turkey
20062006Founding of PFIFFNER do Brasil Ltd, Brazil
20112011Founding of PFIFFNER R&D, Hirschthal
20102010Founding of PFIFFNER Deutschland Ltd, Germany
20152015Acquisition of ALPHA Elektrotechnik Ltd, Nidau
20162016Founding of PFIFFNER Systems Ltd, Kaiseraugst

We aim to be the first point of contact for reliable, high quality and longstanding high voltage equipment.